NRI wing of Globalindians  







Global-Indians Group is promoted by various Associations of NRIs, situated in different parts of the world. The aim of Group is to create the largest Grouping of Indians, all over the world. Group will act as a facilitator and organizer for Business Promotion, Cultural Programmes, Cultural Exchanges, Social Activities, Charity, International Seminars, Events, Educational Programs for children, Mega Events etc. for NRIs settled in different parts of the World.

Free Membership & Discount Cards will be given to NRIs. Members of will get many Advantages, Discounts, Offers, Prizes etc from different Companies all over the world. They will be able to make friends with thousands of successful Global Indians, NRIs & Indians settled in different Countries. This will help them in hundreds of ways – like in building a successful Life, Profession, Business, Research, Socializing, Entertainment etc.